Do you struggle with daily stress and minor aches and pains?

Our microwavable heating pads and weighted blankets provide convenient therapeutic relaxation, so you can live comfortably.

Migraine Relief

Pain Relief

Promotes Wellness

Microwavable Heating Pads for Instant Stress Relief

Is stress causing you to have lower energy, headaches, or muscle pain?

Huggaroo can help alleviate these symptoms to get you back to your true happier self.


Step 1 - Heat

Place in microwave

Step 2 - Wear

Set on stressed area

Step 3 - Relax

Enjoy the tension relief

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Increased Energy

Better Mood

More Relaxed

A Must Have in your home!

"I swear by this product. It’s a lifesaver to give relief to tired muscles! I even bought a second one to send to my daughter in college.”

— Denise K.

Great relief for sore muscles.

"I'm in my 50's and exercise a lot. This comes in handy on the mornings after a big workout. Feels so nice and the scent is soothing.”

— L. Keith

Very Satisfied Customer.

"I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and shoulder and it felt wonderful to just place the heated pad on those aching areas. Excellent product."


All I Can Say Is, Ahhhh...

"It helped relieve the neck and shoulder soreness I had from an upper-body workout, but also helped alleviate the muscle tension I had from stress."

— Popsugar

Best of the Best

"We love its large size and effective relief for the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Specifically contoured to fit around the neck and shoulders, this model is ideal for anyone suffering from neck or back pain."

— Chicago Tribune

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