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People struggle to find effective solutions for daily stress and pain relief. Our microwavable heating pads and weighted blankets provide convenient therapeutic relaxation, so you can live comfortably
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Chicago Tribune, Oct 8, 2019
Best of the Best: Huggaroo's microwavable heating pad

"Our top choice is the Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad. We love its large size and effective relief for the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Specifically contoured to fit around the neck and shoulders, this model is ideal for anyone suffering from neck or back pain. Can also be chilled in the freezer to use as a cold compress. Nice scent from herbal aromatherapy."

Bustle, Oct 24, 2020
The best heating pad for your neck & shoulders

"The Huggaroo wrap is specifically designed for those who want neck, upper back, and shoulder relief - without having to constantly readjust their heating pad to get full coverage. Its large size and contoured collar shape hug most of your neck and shoulder all at once while staying put so you can type, watch TV, or drive in comfort."

The Mirror, May 30, 2020
Best heat therapy products in the UK: instant relief from aches and pains

“Cosy hat? Trendy earmuffs? Well it could be all of those things, the Huggaroo is in fact very clever and perfect for treating pain in a variety of places across the body. The multi-functional wrap is comfortably fastened with velcro and is microwave safe for use around your head, eyes and to treat other places around the body. Thanks to soothing lavender scents awakened through microwaving, you'll benefit from instantly pleasing moist heat and aromatherapy properties.”

The Daily Record, Sep 10, 2020
There's an amazing wearable hot water bottle that's selling out fast

"This amazing wearable heat pad is everything you need from a warmer. Ideal for generally raising your heat levels, it is also perfect for neck and shoulder pains or injuries. And it's a little bit stylish to boot."