All New Designs Join the Huggaroo Weighted Blanket for Sleep Aid and Relaxation Family

All New Designs Join the Huggaroo Weighted Blanket for Sleep Aid and Relaxation Family | Huggaroo

At Huggaroo, we have always been focused on bringing our customers the best weighted blanket for sleep. Why? Because sound, healthy sleep is crucial to our wellbeing - both physical and emotional - and we are on a mission to help everyone get a good night’s rest. We go out of our way to track down the highest quality materials for all of our products in order to make them the best they can possibly be. Simultaneously, we are always on the lookout for a new style or design we can create to improve our customers’ experiences. Today, we are happy to show you the latest Huggaroo weighted blanket designs in our collection. No matter the season or local climate, we have the perfect weighted blanket for you or your child.

The newest member of the Huggaroo weighted blanket family is our amazing new bamboo model, designed for summer heat and hotter climates! This is also the perfect weighted blanket for you if you tend to get hot at night or if you simply prefer a cooler sleeping environment. The Huggaroo 15 lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket is a sleek bamboo-derived rayon weighted quilt that stays cool all night long and won’t trap in heat like a standard comforter. Adults, teens, and children weighing more than 70 lbs can use this cooling weighted blanket for sleep and relaxation all summer long without having to worry about overheating during the night. Just like our other 15-pound weighted blankets, this new model provides calming deep pressure stimulation to ease away the day’s stress and any anxiety churning about in your head, making it easier to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until you’ve gotten your full night’s rest. The soothing weight is evenly spread all across the blanket, held permanently in place by sewn-in pockets of glass micro-beads, which have the added benefit of being completely machine-wash safe!

Once the summer ends and chillier autumn and winter nights set in, there’s no need to worry about having to find a new replacement for your summer bedspread. Our Huggaroo Duvet Cover transforms the cooling weighted summer blanket into a warm and cozy winter comforter in just seconds. The ultra-plush polyester cover is secured around your favorite bamboo blanket with the same durable double ties used in our other weighted blankets, which keep the plush duvet in place all night long. This cover is also machine washable and can be taken off and stored away whenever you are feeling a little too warm. With both the new Huggaroo 15 lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket and its ultra soft duvet cover, you get the best of both worlds, and a full night’s rest every night of the year!

If you’re the type to feel chilly even in the dog days of summer, don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten you! For all our cold-blooded cozy snugglers, we’ve designed a special Huggaroo 15 lbs Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket Set that’s as puffy as a winter cloud. Every weighted pocket is filled with extra cotton to make our one of a kind blanket the softest and fluffiest weighted blanket you’ll find anywhere. It’s perfect for cozying up on a winter day with a warm mug and a nice book or wrapping up around you on chilly nights and escaping the waking world.

Fans of the original Huggaroo 15 lbs Weighted Blanket can, of course, still find their favorite weighted blanket on our site. The standard Huggaroo 15 lbs Weighted Blanket, with its plush Minky duvet cover and perfectly distributed weight, is the perfect staple of what a classic weighted blanket should be and is loved by hundreds of happy Huggaroo customers. For anyone who wants a weighted blanket that falls right in the middle between our cool bamboo design and our extra warm and fluffy weighted blanket, the classic Huggaroo 15 lbs Weighted Blanket will always be waiting.

The same can be said for our Huggaroo 7 lbs Chenille Weighted Blanket for Children, which takes everything you love about your Huggaroo weighted blanket and packs it into a twin/full-sized package for little sleepers. Children love their Huggaroo weighted blankets just as much as adults, and a special weighted blanket for sleep can make a massive difference in your child’s sleeping habits. Our very own son went from a nightly struggle of falling asleep to sleeping soundly every night when we first discovered the wonders of weighted blankets!

With the introduction of our latest designs, we’re proud to say Huggaroo is no fair-weather friend! Whether the temperature outside is 101 or 10 below, there’s a Huggaroo weighted blanket ready to keep you calm and comfy. Our goal has always been to bring the perfect weighted blanket for sleep aid and relaxation to anyone who needed it, and our new designs have widened our horizons. Browse through our selection today and find the best Huggaroo weighted blanket for your family and start getting the rest you deserve.

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