Cozy Up Against the Winter Chill with a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket

Cozy Up Against the Winter Chill with a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket | Huggaroo

The end of the year is coming, and with it, the end of a decade. There have been highs and lows, for certain. For some of us, this ending decade even brought the joy of new life – children and grandchildren brought into the world to bring light and endless happiness wherever they go. But with new babes come plenty of sleepless nights as well, even after they’ve grown into their big kid beds! And as the proud creators of a premium high quality weighted blanket, we know just how big an impact all that lost sleep can have. After all, that’s why we’re here! We want to help make sure everyone has a peaceful night’s rest, all through the end of 2019 and up into the brand new year!

The first step to a good night’s rest is feeling safe, secure, and comfortable. For many of us, the oncoming winter means chillier nights and thicker PJs, along with a healthy dose of snuggling up on the couch and sipping hot chocolate. That cozy, snuggly, warm and wrapped up feeling is exactly what inspired us to make our Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb). It’s packed with extra soft and fluffy cotton in all the sewn-in weighted pockets, adding insulation and maximum snuggle-ability. No weighted blanket is cozier and winter-friendly than this truly one-of-a-kind luxurious blanket. If you’re a big fan of cuddles then you are going to adore this cozy quilt!

Not every holiday season is chock full of winter storms and chilly toes, though. Maybe all that extra fluff is just a little too much for you. No worries! Our mission to create a high quality weighted blanket to suit everyone’s sleep needs has birthed not just one, but four different adult-sized weighted blankets, along with two children’s sizes! So even if you’ve never had a white Christmas, you can still sleep easy Christmas Eve under a comfortable Huggaroo weighted blanket made for your climate.

Alongside the Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb) are our classic Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (15 lb), its heavier Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (20 lb) counterpart, and the new Huggaroo Cooling Weighted Blanket (15 lb) for warmer climates. Each high quality weighted blanket has its own personality and function, making it easy to choose the perfect weighted blanket to suit your family’s needs.

Of course, while each Huggaroo weighted blanket is specifically made to suit a certain lifestyle, there are some things that are simply universal. No matter which Huggaroo is the best fit for your family in this freshly dawning decade, you can be sure your blankets will be made with love and care. That’s because we only use the highest quality materials in our products and we never cut corners. Every Minky and Chenille Huggaroo weighted blanket is incredibly soft and comfortable, while the silky bamboo-derived rayon fabric of our Huggaroo Cooling Weighted Blanket (15 lb) is sure to be the smoothest comforter you’ve ever run your hands across.

Beyond the ultra-plush and silky smooth machine washable exteriors of our famous blankets, the core of every Huggaroo is its inner weighted quilt. These heavy interiors are what make every Huggaroo so wonderfully soothing and effective at calming insomnia, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, and many of the other ailments that can keep us awake at night. They are the hearts of our blankets and as such we do not take them lightly. Each and every weighted inner quilt is carefully assembled with hypoallergenic glass microbeads or food-grade polypropylene pellets sewn right in, providing stable and evenly distributed weight that can never shift out of place or sag. In most of our weighted blankets, the inner quilt is secured in place with strategically spaced ties, so you can easily disassemble and wash either the inner or outer quilt independently and still have a firmly secured blanket when you’re ready to sleep. And as for our children’s blankets, parents will be happy to hear that the weighted inner quilts and the super-soft outer covers of all our 7 lb kids blankets are permanently sewn together, so washing is simple and easy!

And what better gift for your favorite child this holiday season than the gift of comfort, calm, and a full night’s rest? Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who love their Huggaroos, after all! We first discovered the wonders of weighted blankets when we began using one to help our son relax and fall asleep, and the wonderful peace it brought him is what inspired us to create an easily accessible and affordable, high quality weighted blanket for children all across the country. If your child or grandchild has trouble finding those sugar plum fairies on late winter nights, the gift of their very own Huggaroo weighted blanket could be just what they need. As this year winds down and the final holidays are upon us, let’s get everyone wrapped up and drifting off to dreamland by the time Saint Nick comes sliding down the chimney!

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