Enjoy Your Holidays Stress-Free When You Snuggle Up in a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket for Stress Relief

Enjoy Your Holidays Stress-Free When You Snuggle Up in a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket for Stress Relief | Huggaroo

As the winter holidays roll in we’re all finding ourselves with much to do and not enough time to do it all. Whether you’re organizing a family dinner or making travel plans to reunite with family during this joyous season, the lengthy list of things you need to get done in time for the holidays may seem quite daunting. Spending so much time stressed out about being together with family and being able to enjoy your holidays seems a little counterproductive to us! You want to be sure you can let the load off and relax this holiday season as well, and a Huggaroo weighted blanket for stress can help you do just that. Our ultra-plush and snuggly weighted blankets are just the thing to help you and your family set aside your worries and stress and just enjoy one another’s company.

Having your own weighted blanket for stress relief will truly change your life, especially during this bustling holiday season. There’s nothing like coming in out of the cold and curling up by the fire with a nice cup of hot cocoa and a Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb)! This is our favorite snuggling blanket for the winter season because it’s so cozy and comfy even a swirling blizzard can’t bring you down. The secret to the cloud-like fluffiness of this super plush weighted blanket is the generous helping of extra cotton we tucked into each and every sewn-in weight pocket inside the inner weighted quilt. Just like all our weighted blankets, the Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb) offers an eternally balanced and evenly distributed weight across the entire blanket, and an evenly distributed amount of snuggle-able fluff too! Plus, it’s completely machine washable, so there’s no need to cry over a little spilled hot cocoa!

The winter holiday stress isn’t just a thing for us adults, of course, and neither are Huggaroos. If your little one is feeling overwhelmed by all the holiday planning, the hustle and bustle, or even the end of semester tests many schools hold just before the break, they could use a little comfort and relaxation as well! We got our start in children’s weighted blankets, and today we have multiple 7 lb weighted blanket options for children who are finding it hard to relax during winter vacation. These ultra-soft and comforting blankets also make wonderful holiday gifts for children who struggle with anxiety, hyperactivity, long term stress, and even insomnia. And during our holiday sale, you can save $50 on a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (7 lb, Minky) or a Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (7 lb, Chenille) for your child!

Many parents unfamiliar with weighted blankets are curious to know what makes the difference between each individual weighted blanket for stress relief available here at Huggaroo. In order to choose the right fit for your family and truly have the relaxing experience you need, it’s important to know what size blanket is best for you. Our 7 lb Minky and Chenille blankets are designed for children who weigh over 30 lbs (and who are over 3 years of age) to use for sleeping and lounging, as this is the ideal weight for children under 90 lbs. You may find if you enjoy resting on the couch or in a recliner to destress after a long day that these smaller 7 lb blankets make the perfect portable weighted throw blankets. The smaller twin sizes are easy to pick up and carry along with you, so you can enjoy a stress-free moment on the go.

Older children weighing over 90 lbs, as well as adults and teens, may find that 7 lbs aren’t quite enough to soothe the anxiety and stress that comes around this time of year. For older children, teens, and adults seeking a nightly weighted comforter for their beds, we recommend our heavier 15 lb blankets. These are available in standard, extra fluffy, and cooling models, allowing you to pick and choose the best temperature fit for your sleeping habits. And for those who want a firmer touch, our heaviest 20 lb blanket is more than enough to have you feeling totally secure in the comfort of your own bed.

This year we’ve all grown and advanced beyond the people we were all the way back in January. Huggaroo certainly is no exception! So as we look back on all we’ve achieved thanks to you, we’re proud to say we now offer six different weighted blankets for all your comfort needs! Now everyone can get the luxurious stress free sleep they deserve every single night, whether you’re snuggling up in a Michigan snowstorm or catching your z’s all the way down in San Antonio, Texas. No matter your weather, your sleeping preferences, or your need to snuggle, we can proudly promise there’s a Huggaroo weighted blanket for stress relief perfectly suited to you!

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