Find the Perfect Adult Weighted Blanket for Your Lifestyle Here

Find the Perfect Adult Weighted Blanket for Your Lifestyle Here | Huggaroo

Everyone who comes to Huggaroo has their own story. We sell to parents looking for something to finally soothe their children’s sleepless nights, students battling anxiety, adults and children seeking a better way to manage their sensory processing disorders, and plenty more. We take pride in knowing that we have helped so many different people with our versatile adult weighted blanket, and it motivates us to always strive for more. When you shop with Huggaroo, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality product because we are always seeking out the best quality materials to use in our blankets, heating pads, and other products, and we refuse to cut any corners. Our quality and your satisfaction are always guaranteed.

As true perfectionists, we know that there is always room for improvement. Whether that means redesigning our 7 lbs weighted blanket for kids to make it even more child-friendly, sturdier, and easier to care for or crafting a summer-friendly adult weighted blanket that stays cool without sacrificing any of the weight that makes it so effective, we are eager and happy to step up to the challenge. After all, helping you is our first priority.

Today, Huggaroo weighted blankets for adults come in two forms, allowing you the freedom to choose the right fit for your lifestyle. Both styles of weighted blanket are extra soft and super comfortable, designed to be enjoyed all night every night, and even on lazy afternoons. They are easy to travel with, too, so you can bring the warmth and comfort of home with you no matter where you go. And of course, all of our weighted blankets provide evenly distributed deep pressure therapy, pressing in gently just like a loving hug and soothing away all your stress and anxiety. You’ll never sleep better than under a Huggaroo weighted blanket, and that’s a promise.

Our original 15 lb adult weighted blanket is a two-piece blanket set. The weighted inner quilt features small, evenly-spaced pockets of weight that will never shift out of place while you are using your blanket. This fully-washable inner quilt is secured inside its plush outer duvet cover with strategically placed ties, making for easy but sturdy assembly and washing. We recommend that you always separate the inner weighted quilt from its duvet cover prior to machine washing. Our 15 lbs blankets are quite heavy get even heavier while wet in your washing machine; if not separated, the ties or loops may get damaged during the washing cycle.

The extra plush outer cover of the Huggaroo 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set is made of the same cozy polyester fabric we use in all of our hot and cold wraps, which are designed to feel amazing against your skin. We use the same plush fabric for all of our children’s blankets as well because it’s so soft and gentle, even on delicate skin. The very first time you use your Huggaroo weighted blanket, you’ll fall in love with how comfortable it feels.

If warm weather has you holding off on getting your own weighted blanket, we have great news for you! Our newly-developed 15 lbs Huggaroo Cooling Weighted Blanket keeps you cool and comfortable all through the night, providing the same wonderful benefits of a standard weighted blanket without any overwhelming heat. This blanket is perfect if you live in a warmer climate, or just as a summer substitute for your favorite Huggaroo adult weighted blanket. It also makes a great year-round comforter for people who run hotter and tend to feel too warm under normal blankets.

The Huggaroo 15 lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket is soft and sleek, silky smooth to the touch, and pleasantly cooling. It’s made of extra soft bamboo-derived rayon fabric instead of the usual cotton inner quilts and Chenille outer covers used in our other weighted blankets. The soft blanket still provides the wonderful deep pressure therapy we’ve perfected in our other blankets, with evenly distributed pockets of glass micro-beads strategically sewn in all across the blanket. Just like our other weighted blankets, the new Huggaroo bamboo weighted blanket is 100% machine washable!

Getting you the best blanket as fast as possible is one of our top priorities. That’s why if you order before 1 pm central standard time on a weekday, we’ll have your order shipped out and on its way to you the same day! And don’t forget - every Huggaroo order is backed by our risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Order any Huggaroo weighted blanket today and try it out for the first month. If you don’t love it, send it back to us for a full refund, no questions asked. Plus, all of our products are backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. If at any point you have an issue with your weighted blanket due to a manufacturing error, let us know and we’ll happily repair or replace the blanket so you can get back to sleep.

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