How To Choose the Best Weighted Blanket for Your Needs

How To Choose the Best Weighted Blanket for Your Needs | Huggaroo

Recently, one of our customers asked us, “Can a man that weighs 210 [lbs] use the [7 lbs Huggaroo] blanket?” We thought that was an excellent question that deserved a detailed answer and we’d like to share our thoughts with you as well.

Hi L. That’s an excellent question. The short answer is yes, absolutely!

Here’s the long answer. After months of making and testing weighted blankets of various weights and sizes (ranging from 5 lbs to 15 lbs and 48 inches to 80 inches in length), we decided to introduce to market the blanket you are currently considering: our 7 lbs Huggaroo weighted blanket, measuring 36×48 inches. Why? Because it addresses the needs of the greatest number of users, from children weighing over 30 lbs, to adults and the elderly. There are many factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket: weight, size, design, materials, quality of construction, visual appeal, personal preference, and intended use.

Weight and Size

Our experience tells us that too much emphasis is placed on absolute blanket weight. In fact, the absolute weight of the blanket is quite irrelevant and greater weight may be a disadvantage, depending on the intended use of the blanket. The pressure a user would experience under our 60×80 inches 15 lbs blanket is actually LESS than the pressure which a user would experience under our 36×48 inches 7 lbs blanket.

It is not the absolute weight of the blanket that matters, it’s the weight per blanket surface area.

The heavier weight of the larger blankets is spread over a larger surface area; much of the weight of the larger 15 lbs blanket is not actually on the user but on the bed or the couch.

Personal Preference

While testing our blankets on adults, we were often surprised to discover that the size and body mass of the adult did not consistently predict the user’s blanket preference. Women sometimes preferred a heavier blanket while men preferred a lighter blanket. There is an element of personal preference to the weight of the blanket which has nothing to do with the body mass of the user.

Intended Use

The intended use of the blanket should be a major consideration. The 7 lbs 36×48 inch Huggaroo is easy to move around. You can take it to your favorite recliner, to the couch, or to your bed. If you intend to share it with your child, it’s perfect. A 15 lbs 60×80 inch blanket would be a great choice for a queen size bed but it is totally impractical to lug around the house.

Design, Materials, Quality of Construction, and Visual Appeal

Finally, blanket design, materials, and appeal are very important and will add to your enjoyment of your weighted blanket. No-one likes to see an eye sore, no matter how useful it may be. We have spent countless hours perseverating over every little detail (from choosing the best materials, to the design, the stitching, the zipper, the packaging, etc) to make our blanket sturdy, attractive and complementary to any decor.

At Huggaroo, we design and manufacture premium weighted blankets for children and adults. Take a look at our entire line of weighted blankets, which includes a wide variety of weights, sizes, colors, and materials. Our latest models for children are single-piece blankets - easier than ever to care for with perfectly distributed weight forever. Of course, we made the entire blanket machine washable. Our weighted blankets for bigger kids (over 70 lbs), teens, and adults include regular, extra fluffy, and cooling models, which are 15 lbs in weight. All of our blankets are expertly crafted from premium materials with attention to the smallest details. All come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer warranty. And all ship free to you.

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