Huggaroo Featured in Nashville Parent Magazine

Huggaroo Featured in Nashville Parent Magazine | Huggaroo

The Huggaroo 7 lbs and 15 lbs weighted blankets were recently featured in Nashville Parent Magazine - "Hi-Tech Gear and More for the New School Year" by Kiera Ashford, published on July 29, 2019. The article also goes into a little bit of detail about Huggaroo's founders and story, and mentions that Huggaroo is a local company, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here is the text of the article:

"Steady pressure lowers stress hormones and helps little minds calm down for a restful night's sleep. The outer cover is a soft, minky fabric (or choose chenille) and the inner quilt is 100 percent cotton filled with hypoallergenic, lead-free, non-toxic, odorless glass microbeads. It's seven pounds and ideal for a child weighing 30 - 90 pounds who is older than 3 years.

The 15-pound blanket is suited for older kids and teens. The plush and extra-fluffy weighted blanket set is perfect for the coming chill of the fall and winter months. The duvet cover is removable, machine-washable and is secured to the inner weighted quilt via 14 sturdy double ties and loops, preventing any shifting or settling. 

Created by Nashville husband and wife duo Drs. Wendy and Marty Jordanov, when their oldest son was 5, he had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. After hearing about other parents dealing with the same situation, the Jordanovs started making their own weighted blankets and therapeutic wraps. Huggaroo launced in 2016 and has grown into a complete line of personal health & wellness products for children and adults. Since 2017, they have donated a portion of profits to One Simple Wish, a non-profit supporting children in foster care."

We'd like to clarify something: the article has a picture of our prior version 7 lbs weighted blankets, which were 2 piece blankets. Our 7 lbs weighted blankets for kids are now a single-piece design. The plush duvet cover is permanently sewn to the inner weighted quilt. This results in perfect weight distribution forever - the weighted inner quilt will never ball up or twist or settle inside the cover. This is ideal for a blanket used by kids. Of course, we know the importance of being able to wash the blanket and wanted to make it as easy to care as possible. The entire blanket is machine washable.

Our 15 lbs blankets are 2 piece blankets - they have a removable duvet cover and a weighted inner quilt. The weighted quilt is secured to the duvet cover with double ties and loops placed at 14 locations along the periphery of the quilt. This prevents any movement of the quilt inside the duvet. The duvet cover is machine washable. The inner quilt is also machine washable. Please separate the two and wash them separately, should you need to.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help. Just email us at Enjoy!

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