Huggaroo Heating Pad Named "Best of the Best" by Chicago Tribune

Huggaroo Heating Pad Named "Best of the Best" by Chicago Tribune | Huggaroo

The Chicago Tribune named Huggaroo's original neck and shoulder wrap the "Best of the Best" in an article entitled "The Best Microwavable Heating Pad". The article was published on October 8, 2019. We are so honored! :)

In addition to our original design, we now offer unscented and aromatherapy versions of our brand new, patented design neck and shoulder wrap heating pads. The unscented version is available in black. The aromatherapy models come in blue and grey.

Microwavable heating pads heat up quickly in your microwave and deliver deep, moist heat wherever applied. Our neck and shoulder wraps are specifically designed to hug your neck and shoulders and to soothe neck and shoulder pain, as well as muscle tension and stress. Our neck and shoulder heating pads deliver about 15 minutes of deep heat and then remain warm for another 10-15 minutes. This coincides perfectly with the heat therapy times recommended by physicians and physical therapists (longer periods of intense heat application can actually increase inflammation and are not recommended). An advantage of microwavable heating pads over electric heating pads is that they warm up quicker, are capable of delivering more intense heat, and do not tether you to the wall with an electric cord. You are free to move around and enjoy their therapeutic heat anywhere - while cooking, relaxing, and even in your car.

In addition to our neck and shoulder wraps, we also make a versatile microwavable heating pad, which may be used as a sinus headache mask or migraine headache wrap or a general heat pad to alleviate cramps, joint pain, or back pain.

All our products come in attractive, sturdy boxes and are perfect for gifting. Please read and always follow our heating and handling instructions so that you can safely enjoy your Huggaroo heating pads for a long, long time.

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