Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Headache Wrap Featured on the Today Show

Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Headache Wrap Featured on the Today Show | Huggaroo

Huggaroo feature on the Today Show


We are so excited! Huggaroo was featured on the Today Show this morning in a lovely segment titled "Gifts for the People Who Lend a Helping Hand". Click on the title or picture to see the segment. :) 

The products featured were:

All of these wraps are microwavable heating pads. They heat up quickly in your microwave and deliver deep, moist heat wherever applied. The neck and shoulder wraps are perfect for aching necks and shoulders, sore upper back muscles, tension or stress. They are designed to hug your neck and shoulders and stay in place even when you move around. Feel free to enjoy them anywhere - at home, in the office, while relaxing, working at your desk, or preparing meals in the kitchen. You can even take them with you in your car, on a grocery store run, for example. We do this all the time in the cold winter months - tucked underneath a coat, the wrap stays warm throughout the trip to the grocery (remember, we are in Nashville, TN - the heat may dissipate quicker if you live in a much colder climate in Maine or Iowa, for example).

The heated eye mask/sinus wrap has a hook and loop fastener patch and can be secured around your head to deliver soothing heat to your sinuses and temples. It alleviates sinus and migraine headaches. It soothes stress and tension. It can also be used as a general, versatile heating pad to comfort aching joints, back pain, or menstrual cramps.

All of these wraps can also be chilled in the freezer and used as a cooling compress to provide temporary cooling relief. Please note that this is a secondary, bonus function. These wraps are primarily designed to be used as heating pads - that's where they really shine! If you are looking primarily for a cooling wrap, we recommend the Huggaroo Cooling Gel Wrap instead - it is designed specifically for cold use and is ideal for that indication.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help! Thank you for shopping Huggaroo! :)


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