Our New Microwavable Eye Mask is the Ultimate Self Care Product!

Our New Microwavable Eye Mask is the Ultimate Self Care Product! | Huggaroo

This year everyone is taking the time to invest in themselves and their health. With plans to start off the new decade in better health and New Year’s resolutions to eat better, get active, lose weight, and stay hydrated, we’re all setting ourselves on the right track to a better life. But one aspect of our health we often forget to consider is the amount of sleep we get each night. Sleeping well can do wonders for our productivity, our memories, and even our skin – yes, beauty sleep is a real thing! Meanwhile, missing out on sleep can have serious consequences on everything from our ability to perform well when driving to work to our mood and our relationships with the people we care about. Huggaroo has always been dedicated to helping our customers get their best night’s sleep every time they go to bed, and this year we’re happy to bring a new microwavable eye mask into our line to help ensure you catch those crucial Z’s!

Those of you who frequent our shop have likely noticed our NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy), along with its Unscented counterpart. These new additions to the Huggaroo line are exciting tools both for treating eye conditions and headaches and for promoting better sleeping habits! With six different ways to be worn, our brand new microwavable eye mask is one of the most exciting and versatile products you’ll find at Huggaroo to date! And it’s all an original, patent-pending design – something unique and specialized that you can’t find anywhere else.

So then, what is it, and how can it help you? As you may have guessed, the short answer is that the NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy) is many things rolled into one. Most obviously, it is an eye mask and a super comfortable one at that. Before you even touch our customized inserts – and we’ll get to those in a moment – the 100% polyester eye mask you’ll pull out of the Huggaroo box is a sleep mask so light and comfortable you’ll hardly even notice it when you put it on to sleep. This face mask is double-sided and reversible, with a silky smooth side for those who enjoy the sleek feeling of traditional eye masks, and a plush and fluffy side for anyone who loves the feel of a fluffy Huggaroo blanket or headwrap on their skin. You can test out the different sides and find which one suits your preference best – or maybe you’ll love them both! And if you’re ever in the mood to switch it up, all you have to do is flip the eye mask over.

No matter which side you choose, you’ll find our NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy) is perfectly contoured to fit your face. This means that it is both extremely comfortable and perfect for blocking out the light of your bedroom. The eye mask will completely cover your eyes so you can easily fall asleep even if your bedroom window faces a street lamp, or if you’re feeling a bit jetlagged and trying to catch a nap on your flight home!

That covers two of the wonderful ways you can make use of our NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy), but there are four more to go! Before you begin exploring either of the two custom made inserts that come with every eye mask we sell, you’ll find the NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy) is exceptionally light. But some people actually prefer a bit of weight to their sleep gear, and we won’t let them be forgotten! Our microwavable eye mask features a special built-in pocket to hold either our custom hot pack or our cooling gel ice pack, each of which adds a pleasant element of weight to the eye mask even when used at room temperature. That means not only can you choose between ultra-plush and silky smooth, but you also get to pick whether you want your eye mask to be light as a feather, or gently weighted!

This also brings us to the final two ways you can use your NEW Huggaroo 6-Way Eye Mask (With Aromatherapy) – for either heating or cooling therapy. Our custom made inserts can be switched out to offer you the right kind of therapy for a wide range of treatments. This includes heat therapy from our microwavable hot pack to soothe pain from sinus infections, headaches, or eye infections such as styes, and cooling therapy from our gel ice pack to treat inflammation in puffy eyes, soothe dry eyes, and ease eye strain. Our microwavable hot pack insert heats in under a minute and offers soothing aromatherapy in addition to providing a warm compress to relax under. Meanwhile, the gel ice pack insert is specially designed to stay flexible and conform to your face even when frozen! And like all Huggaroo products, our microwavable eye mask is machine washable for easy care! We’ve poured a lot of love and care into this new design, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. Sweet dreams!

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