The Cutest Weighted Lap Pad for Anxiety Relief is Here for You

The Cutest Weighted Lap Pad for Anxiety Relief is Here for You | Huggaroo

At Huggaroo we’re proud of the change we’ve been able to bring to so many lives around the country. Whenever we hear stories from customers who’ve gotten amazing results by using our weighted blanket for better nights’ rests, our neck and shoulder microwavable heating pad for freeing pain relief, or our weighted lap pad for anxiety relief, we’re filled with the inspiration and passion to keep working harder for those who need us most. We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best every day, and we won’t rest until everyone is living their happiest, most fulfilled lives possible!

One of our greatest strides – and in fact, our very first! – towards bringing calm and happiness to families around the country was the now-famous Huggaroo weighted blanket. Inspired by our son’s overnight change from sleepless nights to well-rested mornings when we first began using a weighted blanket, we realized there were many other families just like ours who were struggling. So we set out to ensure that all other families like us would get the rest and relaxation they needed. Today we’ve helped hundreds of families across the country find that peace of mind, and we now have five different weighted blankets for both children and adults available on our site, with plenty of options for different climates and sleeping preferences!

With all the love we poured into our weighted blankets, it’s no surprise that the Huggaroo name has come to represent a quality night’s sleep for so many of our customers. But sleepless nights aren’t the only struggles so many of you are facing, and today we want to talk about two of our other wonderful health and wellness products: the Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Puppy) and the Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Lamb).

This pair of cuddly critters goes beyond the troubles of insomnia and can be the perfect solution for children, teens, and even adults struggling with stress and anxiety. Weighted lap pads have been used with great results in classrooms and other settings to reduce restlessness and anxious feelings, as well as improving focus and relaxation. But too few lap pads on the market today are inviting to new users. The Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Puppy) and Weighted Lap Pad (Lamb) were designed to change that. Their soft, cute animal faces are easy to love and very welcoming to young children, which is especially important in a tool that’s meant to soothe anxious feelings. Plus, having a friendly and familiar face over top of your weighted lap pad for anxiety relief helps make you feel less like you’re struggling on your own. Everything is better with a buddy, after all!
If you’re familiar with our weighted blankets then you can easily imagine what our weighted lap pads feel like when snuggled up across your lap. Our pads’ weighted inserts are designed with the same style of sewn-in cotton and hypoallergenic polypropylene pellets as the inner quilts of many of our weighted blankets, keeping the weight perfectly distributed at all times. The difference is our lap pads are much smaller than the weighted blankets you’re used to, measuring just 29 x 8 inches and weighing only 3.6 lbs: the perfect compact size for travel. This makes them convenient and easy to use for all ages, encouraging self-soothing behavior.

Another important difference between our weighted blankets and our weighted lap pads is that these fluffy friends are designed for daytime use, rather than bedtime. (Although, many children love to bring these comfort companions with them to bed!) Our fluffy puppy and lamb companions provide comfort and calm in the most stressful parts of our day to day lives when curling up under a blanket just isn’t possible or comfortable. If you or your child struggle with feelings of anxiety during travel, at school, or while doing work, then these are the tools for you! Because they are portable and easy for children to carry with them, our soothing pals are perfect to take along on car rides, public transportation, and planes, and they can even help children who struggle with change adjust to their new environment during big trips.

Many parents and teachers like having Huggaroo weighted lap pads in the classroom as well, because they can help ease active children’s restlessness and improve their focus in a way that doesn’t feel limiting or forced. The gentle pressure of our weighted lap pads helps children feel grounded, while the super soft and fluffy Minky ‘fur’ of the puppy and lamb provides a comforting texture to occupy fidgety hands. These plush pals provide a non-disruptive outlet for pent up anxious energy while simultaneously soothing the body and mind through Deep Pressure Stimulation – the same stimulation that makes weighted blankets so comforting!

Best of all, a weighted lap pad for anxiety relief makes a wonderful gift for any dear one in your life. It’s the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ and to help out someone you care about who struggles with anxious feelings in their day to day life. We promise there’s no cuter weighted lap pad around that’ll make them smile quite as bright as a Huggaroo! And we’ll do our very best to ensure that smile sticks around for years to come.

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