The Inspiration Behind Our Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

The Inspiration Behind Our Best Weighted Blanket for Kids | Huggaroo

Just like you, we are first and foremost parents. Our kids have always come before our profession as doctors and our work managing Huggaroo – in fact, they’ve inspired some of our greatest decisions for the company. Our kids are the most important part of our lives, and we know you feel the same about your children. That’s why we’re so dedicated to making the best weighted blanket for kids. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure our weighted blankets are the most comfortable, effective, and of the highest quality because they’re every bit as much for our family as they are for yours.

Our very first Huggaroo weighted blanket was designed after we discovered the amazing difference weighted blankets made for our oldest son, who struggled with quieting his mind enough to relax and fall asleep at bedtime. Like many parents who come to Huggaroo, we’d tried just about every solution we could think of – from bedtime stories and even yoga – to help our little boy get the rest he deserved, but nothing seemed to help. Then we finally discovered weighted blankets, and the change was almost instantaneous. All of our frustrations and desperate struggling came to an end overnight as our son was finally able to calm his mind and get a full night’s sleep.

Our son’s struggle and the similar struggles of children just like him are what inspired us to found Huggaroo in the first place, so we could create the best weighted blanket for kids to end the bedtime battles and get everyone the rest they need. Ever since we started, Huggaroo has helped children with restless minds, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, autism, and sensory processing disorders destress and find comfort and security in the warmth of their own beds. Our products have earned us an average of 4.8 out of 5-star rating from happy parents and guardians who’ve seen the drastic improvement a Huggaroo weighted blanket makes in the life of their child. We hope that you will too.

Our latest Huggaroo 7 lbs Soft Chenille Weighted Blanket for Children is a single piece, 100% machine washable polyester and cotton blanket that’s light enough for children to use comfortably and effortlessly. Our signature design evenly distributes the blanket’s weight across your child’s body at all times. To achieve this, the inner cotton quilt is filled with tiny, evenly spaced, sewn-in pockets – the smallest of any weighted blanket on the market – filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic glass microbeads. The microbeads provide the extra weight that makes the Huggaroo weighted blanket so soothing, while our spaced-out design prevents it from becoming overwhelming or shifting out of place.

Many of the weighted blankets you’ll find on the market today consist only of a weighted cotton quilt, which makes them effective but uncomfortable. As parents, we understand that comfort is a key element in the design of anything meant for kids because kids will never want to use something that doesn’t feel good to them. We take special care in using only the softest, extra plush materials in our outer covers so that your children will enjoy using their Huggaroo weighted blankets. After all, a product your child wants to use on their own is a more effective one.

Even children with sensory processing disorders find the ultra-soft Huggaroo weighted blanket to be the best weighted blanket for kids like them. Many parents tell us their sensitive children hated bedtime before they got their Huggaroo blanket, and now they look forward to snuggling up at the end of the day! There are no more bedtime tantrums and no more fears of sleeping. In fact, many children like to cuddle with their Huggaroo weighted blankets even during the day, on the couch or in the car. Because of its light weight and convenient size, our weighted children’s blanket is easy to fold up and bring with you on the go. It makes a wonderful companion to long road trips, perfect for keeping car seat fidgeters relaxed and happy, and is convenient for backseat naps. The Huggaroo weighted blanket is also a great way to provide a sense of security to children who feel anxious about going to the doctor or the dentist. They can bring their Huggaroo blanket into the waiting room with them and keep its soothing weight draped across their laps, keeping calm where they used to fret. Children all across the country are able to feel safe and secure thanks to their Huggaroo blankets.

When it comes to any children’s product, the parents’ opinions matter just as much. One of our top priorities as a company is to provide the best customer service in the business. If ever you need us, we’ll bring you prompt and friendly service from the moment we answer the phone. We offer free shipping on all orders, and orders placed weekdays before 1 pm central time are usually filled and shipped the same day! Plus, all products come with a full 1-year manufacturer warranty. If you ever find a manufacturing error in your child’s weighted blanket, we’ll fix it for free! Our customers deserve the best quality, and we’re happy to ensure that’s exactly what they get.

We hope you’ll enjoy your new Huggaroo weighted blanket. We certainly love ours.

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