What a Weighted Sensory Lap Pad Can Do for You

What a Weighted Sensory Lap Pad Can Do for You | Huggaroo

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Many parents come to us in search of helpful tools to aid children who face autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, and/or ADHD. For these children, sitting still in their seats at school, the dinner table, or in the car can be a great struggle, and focusing on tasks like arts and crafts or homework is quite difficult. It isn’t hard to see how this can seriously impact a child’s daily life, but thankfully we have a solution. For many children, a weighted sensory lap pad can make the difference between an endless fidgety battle against what they’re asked to do and a comfortable and relaxed session of focused work. You’ll be amazed at how easily a Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Puppy) or (Lamb) can soothe your child and transform the way they experience the world!

Our weighted lap pads are designed with sewn-in arms, legs, and fuzzy faces to be inviting and fun for kids to use. As parents ourselves, we know that the tool that works is the tool our kids enjoy using. Sitting still and paying attention is already tricky enough for a lot of kids, so weighted lap pads that seem intimidating or unapproachable can add to that stress. Having a friendly companion instead to help them through their troubles can make the experience much easier.

Of course, our fluffy focus pals are more than just great cuddlers! Each Huggaroo weighted sensory lap pad is filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, food-grade polypropylene pellets, the same pellets we use to weigh down our famous weighted blankets. These safe little pellets turn the playful puppy dogs and lambs into 3.6 lbs pads your child can easily drape over their lap or carry along with them during travel. The pads measure out to 29 x 8 inches, just a little over two feet long, which is perfect for sitting under or even curling up against at bedtime. Plus they easily fold up and fit in travel bags, making them convenient companions for long car rides and even flying!

So how do these cuddly animals help children relax and focus? There are a number of things our weighted lap pads can provide your child. First and foremost is physical stimulation. Many children on the autistic spectrum or who face sensory processing disorders dislike being touched by other people. These children find the contact quite uncomfortable and even upsetting. But physicality is good for all of us and is in fact built into our nervous systems. The Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Puppy) and (Lamb) allows touch-adverse children (and teens and adults too!) to experience healthy and gentle touch without feeling uncomfortable or out of control.

The gentle weight of our weighted sensory lap pad provides deep pressure stimulation, a special kind of touch that positively affects the nervous system. In the same way that a hug from a loved one calms and comforts many of us, deep pressure therapy naturally signals to our brains that we are safe and secure. The brain then releases positive chemicals like serotonin and reduces stress chemical levels, improving your child’s mood and calming them. This is great for settling anxiety and excess energy, allowing children to relax and turn their minds to the task at hand.

This is how the Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad (Puppy) and (Lamb) improves your child’s focus when they are asked to sit at the table and work, but it’s not the only benefit a weighted lap pad can provide. By incorporating the lap pad into your child’s daily routine, you’ll create a grounding ritual. After using the weighted lap pad frequently your child will begin to associate it with feeling comfortable and relaxed. So in times of stress, such as traveling to see family for the holidays or even when changing from one activity to a new one, children can turn to their fluffy weighted pals to maintain a sense of routine and comfort.

Our weighted sensory lap pad can provide great comfort to children, teens, and adults alike, making it easier to carry out day to day tasks without feeling overwhelmed. The cute and cuddly animal shapes are soft and pleasant to touch, as we make them with ultra-plush Minky fabric. Children who are prone to fidgeting with their hands can pet the weighted lap pad or play with its ears, legs, or tail. That way, their hands can stay occupied while their minds are focused on paying attention.

Parents will be happy to hear that the cute and cuddly plush outside can be separated from the weighted inner pad, and both are 100% machine washable! Your child can bring their weighted pads along wherever they go without the need to worry about possible messes or spills. Simply separate the cover and the inner pad, wash them separately on a gentle cold cycle, and air fluff in your dryer. Then put them back together and your cuddly comfort pal is good to go!

We hope you’ll enjoy your brand new weighted lap pad companion. Feel free to browse our collection of other sensory tools and weighted products to see what else may suit your family’s needs!

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