Young woman sleeping under her Huggaroo 15 lbs extra fluffy weighted blanket
Young woman relaxing under her Huggaroo 15 lbs extra fluffy weighted blanket
Close up pic of the Huggaroo 15 lbs extra fluffy weighted blanket

Huggaroo 15 lbs Weighted Blanket (Extra Fluffy, Dark Grey)


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  • Weight and size: 15 lbs, 58 x 80 inches.

  • Materials: Outer cover: ultra-plush Minky (100% polyester). Inner quilt: 100% cotton filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, food-grade polypropylene pellets.

  • Care: Machine wash cold, gentle. Air dry or air fluff in dryer for best results.



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53 Reviews


I obtained this for a special little relative that is going through a rough time, testing and trying to determine what type of actions for the doctors to take. He does not sleep BUT the first night he had this blanket he loved it immediately and has slept through the night since. His dad called me last night to thank me for the blanket. For a parent to receive a full nights sleep is a blessing too! Don't hesitate to try this. I want one now!

heather burnside

Bought blankets for two of our sons for Christmas. One son is living with Bipolar and does not sleep well and the other son is a vetern is living with PTSD from his time overseas seving our country. Both sons raved about how great they slept with the blanket from night one.


#besthugs#coveredlikeablanket Like everything about this item! A little difficult connecting the duvet to the weighted blanket at 1st, but not bad at all once attached. Stays in place on the bed very well & provides just the right amount of weight and surface area coverage. Thank you!


Very soft cover, six year old loves the blanket. A good size for him.

patty k.

Makes me feel safe and secure! Heavy, but not overwhelmingly so. It's not terribly large... I'm 5'1” and it covers from my neck to my ankles, which is enough. A taller person may want a larger blanket. The inner weighted part was easy to put inside the cover and ties in place on both sides, so it stays in place. The cover is soft- velour like fabric. This is my favorite Christmas gift!

Music Lover

A very soft grey blanket cover and a 15 pound weighted blanket come together in a plastic tote. There was no harsh smell when I opened the plastic. You lay the weighted blanket out on the bed and put it inside the soft grey cover and use the ties on the blanket to secure it to the cover and zip it up. I have been using it for over a week and there have been no problems with the blanket coming untied inside the cover. What I love about this blanket, aside from its softness, is that all of the weight is distributed evenly. The even distribution spreads out the weight and makes the blanket very easy to carry, to move and to yank up in the night. Though I typically experience a wide and dramatic range of body temperatures lately, especially at night, I have not found this blanket to exacerbate that at all. I am a very finicky sleeper but I have not felt claustrophobic in the least. It is just enough weight to feel comforting but not smothering and hard to deal with. I have slept better while using it and have gotten up less. I highly recommend this blanket!

sheila debose


Lori R.

It looks great I know my granddaughter will love!!

Carmina Ketring

I was actually shocked how much I love this thing. I actually look forward to sleeping with it. So comfortable and beautiful!


Bought this for my husband who had trouble sleeping. He was skeptical at first, but loved this weighted blanket after the first night.

Patricia Young

I bought this blanket for my 11 year old daughter and she loves it. It came with both parts apart but was easy to tie the weighted part and the cover together by turning the cover inside out. She has been using it for about 2 weeks now and sleeps so much better than before. The cover is extremely soft mink material and she loves the little bumps on the one side. The only thing is that I live in canada and the international shipping cost brought the price of this blanket up almost an extra $100. Was still worth it as I could not find a blanket in my area for anything cheaper even with the extra cost that had a mink cover. It is a queen size 15 pound blanket and so far I am very happy with the purchase.

Lynn Ritchey

I have had insomnia for over 20 years. I had heard the benefits of a weighted blanket. Thank you, Huggaroo for the best sleep I have had in years! The duvet cover is very soft and provides a luxurious element to the design. It will be on my christmas list for my family and friends who suffer from insomnia and anxiety!


The ties keep coming untied inside.


As A Return Customer I am Once again In Awe of The Quality and Comfort of My Weighted 15lb Blanket. Huggaroo You never disappoint !!


I was very skeptical about spending $200 on a blanket but this blanket is amazing, very warm and cozy, would definately be buying another one in the future! Buy it you won't be disappointed!!

pttsburgh mom

I bought this for my son who is difficult to get to bed at night. He wakes Up frequently during the night. However, it seems like when he uses this weighted blanket, he sleeps through the night more often. It is definitely not a miracle cure as he still has a problem falling to sleep at night. The Weight does not seem to be as evenly distributed, as I hoped. What kind of shake it a little to get the weight Better distributed. The removable cover is definitely handy, however multiple ties are required to keep it in place. It is a bit cumbersome. I have not Washed the cover yet, but I will post if it does not hold up well.


Only used it twice to sleep so far, but I see an improvement in my anxiety and how well I've slept since getting it. Super easy to set up, and the material is so cozy! Would def recommend!

John David Westbrook

Very comfortable and my girlfriend sleeps better than ever with the Huggaroo! Thanks!!

Terri Lynn Graves

Wish I had purchased sooner. I did a lot of looking and value for $ is the best right here. Sooo snuggly and comfortable. Not hard to tie if you flip inside out and then back in. Literally took me 5 minutes. LOVE


The older I get the more problems I have with sleeping solidly for more than a few hours. The weight of the Huggaroo helps me to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. It has lengthened my ability to sleep through the night and for 1-2 extra hours. Now couldn't imagine not having a Huggaroo.


This is AWESOME! It's like a full body hug and even though I was skeptical, being a guy, this blanket actually helps you sleep. Being military I get no sleep from stress and other things but this is a game changer!


Didn't work 4 me


AWESOME weighted blanket, I love the soft cover with so many attachent points to keep everything where it's supposed to be! This blanket also takes up significantly less physical space than my old weighted blanket - they weigh the same, but folded up side-by-side, my Huggaroo takes up half the space. This makes it a much better candidate for travel! And it easily washes in my washing machine, so extra bonus points for that :) Highly, highly recommended!!!!


Soft, comfortable, and so so helpful for anxiety... Wish I'd gotten one sooner.

joy howes

Love it! Helos my daughter sleep


I have never ordered a weighted blanket before but have been considering it for several years. I am officially in love! It's soft, the weight is evenly distributed and it feels amazing! My daughters are fighting over it but this one is all mine! Thank goodness there are smaller versions I can order for them.

Moffett Family

For as long as I can remember I have tossed and turned all night. I had tried everything to no avail. My husband bought this for me as a mother's day gift and since then I have enjoyed my sleep so much more. There have been one or two night total since that I have still had a difficult time sleeping but, it's likely to have been high stress levels as well. Either way, I am very satisfied with this blanket.


We bought the kids version for our daughter because she had such a hard time falling asleep. She loves her Hugaroo and knowing that I have a hard time sleeping while staying in hotels she suggested I get one for myself. Although it meant checking two bags instead of one I am SO GLAD I brought this blanket with me! I've fallen asleep within minutes every night and wake up refreshed and rested. Well worth the money and hassel of the extra bag.


Bought this for my wife and she loves it!

Andrew Lasher

Yeah so that was pretty awesome. I got the blanket because a couple of doctor friends recommended it for one of my kids (bad sleeper) and that definitely worked. It was also super popular with the other two kids, the wife, and (ahem) me. I'm not sure how to describe it other than to say that it's deeply comfortable - kind of like being huddled under a super comfortable blanket by an open fire, except there's no fire. We wound up ordering two more, and the kids don't have to fight over them anymore. Great for light sleepers, but really, they're great for anyone.