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Huggaroo Cold Gel Migraine Headache Wrap | Cooling Eye Mask | TMJ Strap


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  • Ultra plush, light, and incredibly comfortable cooling gel wrap. Special gel packs remain flexible even when frozen and provide long-lasting cooling relief. Use as a headache wrap to relieve migraine, sinus, and tension headaches; eye mask to soothe puffy, tired eyes; TMJ and jaw strap to alleviate TMJ and tooth pain.

  • Size and weight: 27.5 x 6 inches. Extension piece (included): 6 x 6 inches. 1 lb.

  • Materials: Ultra-plush Minky fabric (100% polyester). 9 long lasting cooling gel ice packs. Specially-formulated gel remains flexible even when chilled and is 100% non-toxic.

  • Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle setting. Air dry or air fluff in dryer for best results.

  • Directions: Keep in freezer in a large ziplock bag for at least 4 hours prior to use.

  • Please note: the plush fabric of this wrap cuts down on the cold sensation. This is intentional. It makes the cooling therapy much more pleasant and safe. If you are looking for a wrap, which feels like a snowball or a frozen bag of peas against your skin, this is not it.

  • This wrap provides cold therapy only. If you are looking for a hot therapy wrap, we recommend the Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy



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I have chronic migraines. While I do take meds for them, the meds don't always work, which usually leaves me laying in bed with a cold wet washcloth over my forehead / face. As you can imagine, the washcloth doesn't stay cold for very long, and god forbid I move position, it will slip off my head. With this huggarroo wrap, I love that I can velcro it on, and still move around and have it stay on! I didn't need the extender pack that it came with, but I'm sure some people may, and it was nice that that was included. It stay cold for a good period of time, and it significantly has helped with my migraines. I've only used it a few times so far, but I am sold and will definitely recommend this to anyone else with migraines. Awesome product, very happy I found it.

Amy B.

Great buy, so much better than trying to hold any other kind of ice pack on your head. As a bonus it blocks the light. It is a bit hard when you first put it on but can still be made comfortable by adjusting the fit and once the ice starts to melt a little it's comfortable.

Music Lover

We got this when my son was recovering from getting his wisdom teeth extractions. It is simple to use. The cover is incredibly soft and washable. It fits either around the crown of your head or around your chin up to the top of your head. Because the gel packs are so narrow, the pack conforms well to your head or face. I love that it lies flat in the freezer and doesn't take up too much space. The gel packs come out but I put the entire thing in the freezer. If your kid is having oral surgery, I would recommend having 2 so that 1 is always available while the other is getting frozen.

Alyssa Siegel

Great relief to have the cool pressure on my head. I get frequent migraines and this has been awesome!


Great Huggaroo product! I have several of their products... so I stuck with them again because of their quality. I like the materials that they use because they are so soft and luxurious. The Cold Wrap is neat because each gel pack is individual so you can put all of them in or just a couple. It has super soft fabric that I love. It comes with an expander that you can attach to make it larger. I have used this on my back also to help with back pain. Also, It is well packaged. Great cool wrap.


I purchased the Huggaroo Cold Migraine Headache wrap for my husband. He said it was a perfect gift. Hes been having sinus headaches and lots of pressure and the cold wrap helped relieve his discomfort. Very satisfied.


Other then medicine, I haven't found aything that provides and relief from my migraines. This wrap hits the right pressure points, and actually helps reduce the pain. It also blocks out any light, and has NO ODOR, which is essential when I'm suffering. It was worth every penny!


Cold and weight to treat a sinus headache is genius. First time in weeks that I woke up without a headache.


Very Comfortable, with the weight and Cold compress made this Product work For my sinus headaches. Better than Meds ! Promise !