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huggaroo headache wrap

Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy


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  • Incredibly comfortable and versatile microwavable heating pad. Available velcro patch enables you to secure it snuggly around your head and use it as a head wrap to alleviate migraine, tension, and sinus headaches; soothe tired and  puffy eyes, ear aches or jaw pain. The ultra plush minky fabric caresses your skin and feels amazing against your face and temples. This wrap can also be used to soothe neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps or back pain. One size fits all.

  • Weight and size: 1.6 lbs, 28 x 6 inches

  • Composition: Ultra plush Minky fabric (100% polyester). Filled with clay beads, flaxseeds, and 100% natural dried herbs (lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass).

  • Care: Spot clean fabric only. Do not submerge wrap in water


Microwave for 45 sec the first time you use this wrap. If not hot enough, try heating for 1:00 the next time. If still not hot enough, try 1:30 (max heating time). Allow wrap to cool to room temp between heating cycles. For your safety, this wrap should be used warm, not hot!


Chill in freezer for at least 4 hours prior to use. Please note: this wrap is designed to be used primarily as a hot wrap. The cooling action is mild and lasts only 5-10 minutes; it is a secondary, bonus feature. Do not buy this wrap if you are primarily looking for a cooling wrap - for that indication, we recommend the Huggaroo Cold Gel Wrap instead.


  1. Do not allow your wrap’s fabric to come in contact with any oil, grease, or food left behind in your microwave from prior cooking (popcorn, melting of butter, etc). Do not drip essential oils on your wrap.
  2. Always place your wrap on a clean, dry plate to microwaveNever place your wrap directly on the microwave carousel. Make sure that the wrap does not brush against the walls or ceiling of your microwave, while spinning in your microwave. The carousel must be spinning throughout the heating cycle.
  3. Do not overheat your wrap. Start with the shortest recommended heating time. If needed, add 15-30 sec to subsequent heating cycles. Allow your wrap to cool off to room temperature between heating cycles. With a little experimentation, you will get to the optimal temperature. Why is this necessary? Because your microwave is unique. Microwaves vary significantly in power output (600W-1,600W) and their power decreases with age. 

Learn the reasons behind these instructions from our article "How to heat and care for your Huggaroo microwavable wrap"


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      L. Kelly

      This wrap is AWESOME! Relieved my headache within 10 minutes. I've tried numerous wraps through the years and this is the BEST one yet!


      Love, love, love this product! It's super soft, and the Velcro makes it possible to secure it around my head during a migraine, or around my shoulder when it's inflamed. Highly recommend!


      This is awesome! Highly recommended


      The Huggaroo is perfect and a necessity for anyone who suffers from migraines or sinus issues. I have chronic migraines and have yet to find anything to give me any relief, until now. Every time I put the Huggaroo on I fall asleep in minutes and wake up feeling so much better. The wrap delivers the right amount of pressure all around, especially at the temple area. I will recommend this to all my friends and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


      Very good for headache,sore neck muscles.

      Pen Name

      Not bad ... easily staying warm

      amanda colbert

      Just got it 15 mins. Ago and I'm already using it for a migraine I've had all day and its helping would definitely recommend this


      Item looks great and was quickly delivered


      I long have searched for something of the right weight, size and ability to place pressure on the right places. This covers all the bases. It is adjustable width and you can wear it high or low on your forehead. It further helps for those like me that have light sensitivity.


      The wrap is well made with a big velcro strip so it stays in place and material is super soft. I like that you don't have to hold it to your hand after you put it on and that it has some weigh to it. It warms nicely in the microwave and the heat is soothing. Great product!

      Chris cross

      Love it. My migraines thank you. I do wish there was a larger piece of Velcro so I could make it tighter since I have a smaller head. More filling would be great too.


      Amazing. Feels wonderful. Soft. Easy to use. My daughter is constantly trying to use this


      Great for the first minute or two, but loses it's cool very quickly. Would be better off with a gel eye mask.


      since cold always works better for my migraine, i used this wrap in cold, it kept its temperature pretty long time, lavender aromatherapy was really soothing , finally I found a product which helps me during my migraine episodes

      Florida Gal

      Migraine reliever. Holds the heat longer than anything I've tried. Soft fabric, gentle lavender scent. Awesome.


      I get headaches and migraines often. An easy solution for me that usually works is to take some Excedrin Migraine, put an ice pack on and take a nap for an hour. I have two ice packs that stay cold for quite some time but they are not comfortable. They have hard edges and dig into my skin. But the cold feels so good that I've tolerated it. I was so excited when I saw this one and the soft fuzzy case. I put it in a ziploc bag and in the freezer as soon as it arrived. I woke up with a headache this morning and thought I would put an ice pack on it to ward off the headache becoming a migraine. I've only had it on for about 10 minutes and it's already room temperature. It was in the freezer for a couple of days. I'm so bummed. I had high hopes for this wrap. It may work fine when heated so maybe I can use it for other issues.

      Dustin C.

      Great quality!


      I've had migraines for a long time, and I was excited by this product, but it was eh. It doesn't get very cold, and there is no aromatherapy smell at all. Maybe mine is just old. I liked the softness of the product though. I haven't used it hot but probably won't.. Think I'm just better off using a normal cold gel eyemask. It's cheaper and colder.


      I bought it as an eye mask, yet it fall off a lot.

      Erika Black

      Love every single thing about this headwrap. I suffer from migraines and have since I was very young. This is the ONLY thing that helps me get things done around the house. I have three little girls so I don't have time to be suffering on a daily basis. This is an awesome thing to have if you suffer!

      Pierre D Washington

      Great for heating goes from Tom temperature to scorching hot after 1 minutein microwave, then cold enough to used in a matter of seconds. Not good for cooling pad. In freezer overnight, and still barely cooler than room temp. If bring used for heating great buy though


      I use it often!


      Amazing! I love it for headaches and I use it for neck pain as well. Quality is better than expected. Well worth it!


      Lavender smelled good



      J Rios

      Heats well but is a little heavy (hard to balance around my head for headache). But all in all a good piece


      I got mine friday used it yeaterday night it works wonders i suffer from extremely badddddd migraines and so far i love it it tightens ur temple making it feel more relaxed less tention the only thing ill say is its heavy but i guess it has to be like that to relieve the tention on ur temple


      After having brain surgery, I've been dealing with migraines and this is wonderful. Really soft. I love it!!!


      I bought this to help with my horrible Migraines. I love this product. The material is super soft. The Velcro is very strong so it won't easy come undone. I have only tried this heated. I have had my Huggaroo for about two weeks. I have used it a lot. It is very comforting. I don't always wrap it around my head, sometimes I will just lay it across the back of my neck. About a week after using it, I did notice a small hole and was able to sew it up. I did go ahead and contact the seller. I immediately received a response, and they sent me a replacement in the same week. I do plan on ordering from them again.


      I have multiple microwavable heating pads. This is by far the best. I get bad migraines once a week and lasting for days. The pressure from being able to wrap and velcro into place is great and then I can still get up and move if necessary. Can't just lie in bed all day for days with 3 young kids. Thinking about getting a second one to keep cold!