Young boy smiling under his Huggaroo Pouch sensory compression bed sheet
Young boy reading under his Huggaroo Pouch sensory compression bed sheet
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Close up photo of the Huggaroo Pouch sensory compression bed sheet

Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Compression Bed Sheet


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  • Parents beware: the Huggaroo Pouch has been known to turn reluctant sleepers into solid sleepers. It may permanently end midnight visits to the parents' bedroom. It will also definitely and immediately put an end to your child falling out of bed.

  • The Huggaroo Pouch is a specially-engineered, strong, stretchable, silky-smooth, breathable compression bed sheet. A great alternative to a weighted blanket, especially during the warmer months or in warm climates.

  • Provides deep pressure stimulation to help your child soothe and unwind. Encourages self-soothing. 

  • Stays cool all night long.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Royal blue
  • Composition: Nylon/ spandex blend
  • Care: Machine wash gentle, cold. Tumble dry. No bleach. No iron.


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    We love to make a difference

    Since 2017, Huggaroo has donated 1% of its profits to One Simple Wish, a non-profit organization making a meaningful, positive impact in the lives of children in foster care

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    Huggaroo is in Nashville, TN

    The founder and CEO, Dr. Wendy Jordanov, is a former college professor with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research, and special expertise in Developmental Psychology.

    5.00 Average

    11 Reviews


    My son loves this! He is 5. He doesn't have any sensory disorders, but I orderedit because he was always losing his covers.

    Alyssa Siegel

    My son has been using this the last few weeks. He loves that it keeps him tucked in the whole night!


    My daughter l9vws it..' Feels like a nightlong hug ' she said I bought her a gravity blanket( another beand same concept) she did not like it ..' To heavy'


    My son actually slept a full 8hrs it was amazing


    We bought one a few months back for our son on the spectrum. It completely changed our world. We used to have to put him to bed with us then carry him to his room once asleep. The very first night I said bedtime, and he ran to his room! He snuggles under it and giggles for awhile but goes to sleep on his own AND SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!! (Hes almost 9 and hasnt since he was a baby) weve been through sleep studies and sleep specialists and nothing they've said to try ever really worked. we decided to get a spare since it's such a life changer for us. Highly recommend for family's like us!!


    My kid loves it. He does also sleep with a weighted blanket although I bought this to replace that but he likes them both together. My only gripe is that it's hard as heck to get on the mattress – think about putting on the worlds tightest pillowcase and the frustration that creates. So I'm thinking his sheets will get changed less often but that's OK.


    We love this product far more than I expected. My super sensory seeking and very high energy child will go to her bed in the middle of the day if she needs a sensory break. I have never seen her react to a product in such an immediate way as she started seeking it out after having on her bed for just one night!! I would compare it to a body sock material, but that tends to wind my child up more. This allows you to combine that deep pressure sensation with the comfort of the child's own bed. The effect is a soothed and comforted child that is more willing and able to succumb to rest and even sleep! As usual, Huggaroo quality is unparalleled. This is well made, and I expect it will last a very long time.

    J. Spangler

    My son has slept in the pouch for the last 3 days. He is hooked! We joke that he is 'as snug as a bug in a rug.' The soft material is comforting as well as the 'snug' feel. He is 9 years old and can have a hard time falling asleep. We believe the pouch is a positive aid for him at night! Highly recommend!!


    Best. Sleep. Ever. The pouch is soft and easy to put into the mattress. We added the Huggaroo extra fluffy weighted blanket and my son reported that he had the best night sleep he had ever had. Thank you Huggaroo!


    We love it!! My 11 yr old son still struggles going to sleep. He is an active boy with sensory issues. He struggles with his clothing and how things feel touching his body. Nighttime can be a struggle. He has to get the sheets just right & clothing has to feel right for him to sleep. He tosses and turns a lot!! We were hoping the pouch would help. The first night he struggled and ended up sleeping on top. We told him to just give it another try...and he has slept in it every since. He says it is so comfortable and helps him sleep. We are so thankful for this product! If you child has struggles sleeping or has sensory issues...this pouch is a life saver.


    I wasn't sure at first about the feel of the fabric but I was approaching that from the adult point of view. My daughter is being tested for ASD and has been diagnosed with other things that cause her to wake up constantly, And unable to calm her anxiety enough to fall sleep on her own. This is day two and she is snuggled in there on her own Will, She wanted to get in there and feel her “hug sheets”. Awesome so far I wish I would've bought these two years ago.