young woman sleeping peacefully with her Huggaroo extra fluffy weighed blanket
young woman relaxing and reading a book under her huggaroo extra fluffy weighted blanket
young blonde listening to music and relaxing under her huggaroo extra fluffy adult weighted blanket
Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb)
beautiful blond girl smiling snuggled under her extra fluffy huggaroo weighted blanket
Academy award winner Jimmy Chin (Free Solo) holding an Extra Fluffy 15 lbs Huggaroo Weighted Blanket
Close up pic of the Huggaroo 15 lbs extra fluffy weighted blanket

Huggaroo Extra Fluffy Weighted Blanket (15 lb)


Regular price $189.99

  • The 15 lb Huggaroo Extra Fluffy weighted blanket is truly special - it's the most luxurious weighted blanket we have ever made and it's our absolute favorite (especially during the colder months).

  • To make this blanket extra thick and fluffy, we added extra cotton within each pocket of the weighted inner quilt. The result is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly plush and luxurious blanket. An absolute joy to snuggle with to read, relax, or sleep.

  • A soft, removable, and machine-washable duvet cover is included. The duvet cover is secured to the inner weighted quilt with 14 sturdy double ties and loops, preventing any shifting or settling of the quilt.

  • Evenly-distributed weight over the entire surface area of the blanket.

  • Natural sleep aid. Effectively reduces anxiety.


Who is this blanket for?

  • Anyone weighing over 70 lb. Do not use on individuals who are unable to remove the blanket by themselves.

  • For younger children (over 3 years of age, weighing between 30-70 lbs) we recommend one of our 7 lb weighted blankets instead.


Product Specifications

  • Weight and size: 15 lbs, 58 x 80 inches

  • Materials: Outer cover: ultra-plush Minky (100% polyester). Inner quilt: 100% cotton filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, food-grade polypropylene pellets.

  • Care: Machine wash cold, gentle. Air dry or air fluff in dryer for best results.






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5.00 Average

11 Reviews

Kristi Susan

I love my Huggaroo weighted blanket. It’s very comforting and warm!

Windy Clayton

My new Huggaroo blanket is amazing and has already transformed my sleep. I would recommend it to anyone!

Music Lover

A very soft grey blanket cover and a 15 pound weighted blanket come together in a plastic tote. There was no harsh smell when I opened the plastic. You lay the weighted blanket out on the bed and put it inside the soft grey cover and use the ties on the blanket to secure it to the cover and zip it up. I have been using it for over a week and there have been no problems with the blanket coming untied inside the cover. What I love about this blanket, aside from its softness, is that all of the weight is distributed evenly. The even distribution spreads out the weight and makes the blanket very easy to carry, to move and to yank up in the night. Though I typically experience a wide and dramatic range of body temperatures lately, especially at night, I have not found this blanket to exacerbate that at all. I am a very finicky sleeper but I have not felt claustrophobic in the least. It is just enough weight to feel comforting but not smothering and hard to deal with. I have slept better while using it and have gotten up less.К I highly recommend this blanket!


As A Return Customer I am Once again In Awe of The Quality and Comfort of My Weighted 15lb Blanket. Huggaroo You never disappoint !!


I was very skeptical about spending $200 on a blanket but this blanket is amazing, very warm and cozy, would definately be buying another one in the future! Buy it you won't be disappointed!!


I have never ordered a weighted blanket before but have been considering it for several years. I am officially in love! It's soft, the weight is evenly distributed and it feels amazing! My daughters are fighting over it but this one is all mine! Thank goodness there are smaller versions I can order for them.

Brian M

Great wife loves it even in the hot summer.


This is a fantastic blanket. Very well made and love that you can take cover off to wash. The cover is very soft and the heaviness of blanket has a calming affect. Great product!


Great product. There are plenty of ties inside the cover to easily secure the blanket to the cover; therefore, the weight is evenly distributed (no bunching into a corner!). Despite the weight, you do not get overheated. We put this on top of the sleeping pouch and my son reported that he had the best sleep ever.

J Wolf and J Sad

As you can see from some of my other reviews, I am a huge fan of this company. Customer service is always pleasant and attentive and I haven't found other products that have the high quality and consistency that Huggaroo provides.К I'm in the mental health field and having soft, non-scratchy material that includes sensory and comforting features is a very big deal when dealing with anxious clients.К I purchased the lap blanket version of the Huggaroo quite a while ago and it has held up nicely.К With that, I'm a large woman.К The weighted lap blanket was wonderful but, on my worst days, I still wished for a little more pressure to help soothe me.К Weighted blanket fit is largely based on the size of the person who is using the blanket in terms of effectiveness.К At 15 pounds, I feel like this is a great pressure weight for me.К I received my blanket on a very bad day. I got bad news and it was the kind where I wanted to just disappear for a few days.К I made the mistake of trying to put this together in a full on panic attack. This is not a good idea. I am not visually oriented so I sat there for about 30 minutes crying and trying to line up all of the little ties on the inside of the blanket.К It would have been much easier, in hindsight, had I maybe waited until I was calm to get it ready.К Nothing was relaxing me that day and when I climbed under the blanket the relief it gave me was overwhelming. Immediately, my shoulders dropped and I started to relax.К I am very tactile so I ran my fingers over the soft material and the little bumps on the cover. The weight pushed the tops of my feet down enough that it felt like a small stretch.К I was reluctant to put the blanket away but, by then, my eyes were itchy and I was ready to sleep. It relaxed me to that extent in less than 30 minutes. My brain calmed down.К One issue you might run into is that, especially if you share a bed, the blanket can be overwhelming.К There is no tossing and turning with this, but if you get hot at night it is probably going to wake you up to move it.К This is a BIG blanket so just moving it out of the way won't work. Mine rests in an oversized laundry basket so it doesn't touch the floor.К The Huggaroo Premium Extra Thick Adult Weighted blanket is expensive.К Compared to the methods I use for my host of health issues, though, this is a solid investment.К I would absolutely buy it again and I also really enjoy the grey color.К I will continue to purchase Huggaroo items as they are offered.


We love it! We already had the smaller blanket for our child and since we used it as a throw for us...we were so excited that Huggaroo came out with the larger size. We purchased the grey fluffy blanket. I really struggled about going with the fluffy verse the normal weighted blanket because I knew I already liked the regular one...but I am so glad I decided to try something different. I love that puffy softness of the blanket makes it feel so comfortable and luxurious. It really keeps you warm and the weight is perfect.К It came right away and was packaged well. It just takes a few minutes to put it together by tying the strings around to keep it in place. I really love that it is detachable and washable for easy care.К I attached a picture so u can see how we use it on our queen size bed. We prefer to have it crossways to hang over the the sides a little.К If you have it long ways it doesn't go over the sides.К It basically covers the top of the queen mattress.К I would try it out different ways to see what feels best for you.К The weight is so calming that we truly enjoy our blanket.