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Reduce Nighttime Anxiety in Children with a Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Bedsheet

Children sometimes struggle at bedtime and may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Anxiety in kids is a problem that many families are facing. "Anxious children may be clingy, startle easily, cry or have tantrums, sleep poorly, and have headaches or stomachaches", says Francesca Coltrera, Editor of Harvard Health Blog. Bedtime may cause a sense of separation anxiety.

As parents, we often want to remove all obstacles for our kids and comfort them as much as possible. Dr Goldstein has written an insightful article to help parents guide their children and escape the cycle of anxiety. Sometimes children struggling with anxiety simply need a few tools to help them deal with their anxiety on their own and learn to let it go. A Huggaroo Pouch is a fun, cozy tool to help your child feel safe and relaxed at bedtime and throughout the night.


cute girl hugging white tiger plushie and smiling under her Huggaroo Pouch sensory bedsheet


Improve Your Child's Bedtime Routine

It is possible to improve your child's bedtime routine with a Huggaroo Pouch. Children love to play in this stretchy, cool sheet. Move bedtime up an extra 5-10 minutes earlier than usual and announce that it is "Pouch Time". Let him jump in and enjoy.

By adding a Pouch to your child's nighttime routine you can let him work out nervous energy, have a safe place for squirming and wiggling and giggle as he unwinds at bedtime. Dr. Iannelli recommends that you provide your child with a security object at bedtime to help with the transition to being alone in bed. A Pouch can offer comfort, coziness and feels like a companion all night long. 

Help Your Child Fall Asleep Faster

Many children are not getting enough sleep. Tired parents announce that it is bedtime and the whining begins. Children often complain, beg and argue because they want to delay bedtime as long as possible.

Children may ask for one more story, one more glass of water, one more hug. These random requests can go on and on into the night frazzling parents and lowering the quantity of sleep a child has each night. WebMed posted a helpful sleep chart about the actual hours of sleep children need.

If we can help our children go to sleep on time they have a better chance of getting the hours of sleep their little bodies need. A Huggaroo Pouch can help your child fall asleep faster because the deep pressure he feels helps relax his senses. A Sensory Compression Sheet helps by providing deep pressure across the body. Your child can find a more comfortable, cozier position in less time and will find it a challenge to stay awake too long. 

Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

Children sometimes struggle with sleeping through the whole night. The Cleveland Clinic found that 10-50% of children aged 3-6 struggle with nightmares that wake up their parents. If your child wakes up feeling vulnerable and scared, he may have a tough time self-soothing.

A Huggaroo Pouch will give your child the feeling that he is getting a hug all night long. This cozy, silky sheet will help your child sleep through the night and feel safe, secure and snuggled. Reduce 3am visits to Mom and Dad for a comforting hug after a bad dream or a noise from outside. 

cute boy playing under his Huggaroo Pouch sensory bedsheet


Cope with Sensory Overload

Bright lights, overexposure to electronics, loud noises, large groups of people, and changes in routine can all cause children to feel sensory overload. "Sensory overload occurs when the brain struggles to interpret, prioritize, or otherwise process sensory inputs. It then communicates to the body that it is time to escape these sensory inputs. This message causes feelings of discomfort and panic."

When children experience sensory overload they may act out with temper tantrums, meltdowns, yelling, kicking, hitting and crying because they do not know how to cope. Children struggling with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger Syndrome may experience sensory overload multiple times a day. A Pouch can help your child calm down, relax and recover if he is experiencing sensory overload during the day.

Encourage your child to hop in bed for a five minute time-out and you'll be surprised at how calm, focused and happy he is. He may even want to stay in his pouch even longer. The Pouch is open at the top and at the bottom for easy play and movement. Kids can crawl, stretch, roll, kick and punch in the stretchy material. 

Comfort for Individuals with ADHD and ADD

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) struggle with hyperactive and impulsive behaviors throughout the day. Recent research is revealing that these disorders also interfere with healthy sleep. ADHD and ADD have been shown to be related to trouble relaxing and adjusting to a healthy sleep schedule.

Dr. Dodson explains that individuals with ADHD and ADD often get caught in a negative sleep cycle. This cycle begins with a struggle to fall asleep and difficulty staying asleep and then the individual wakes up exhausted in the morning.

It is important to set up a healthy sleep routine which can be aided by reducing caffeine and time spent with electronics in the evening and setting a consistent sleep schedule. A Huggaroo compression sheet can help make this new sleep routine more enjoyable and successful as it provides deep pressure therapy to help children relax and sleep soundly. 

A Tool to Help Relieve OCD Symptoms and Encourage Better Sleep at Night

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is diagnosed when an individual has obsessive thoughts and or compulsions. Researchers have found that those with OCD have higher rates of insomnia and delayed sleep phase disorder. These individuals get trapped in their thoughts and are often unable to sleep easily.

The cycle of OCD can be exhausting and frustrating and lead to bad sleep habits or cause even more sleep disorders. People with OCD may struggle with their sleeping cycle. A Pouch can be a stress reliever and help improve relaxation by providing sensory stimulation and an overall sense of calm to distract from obsessive thoughts. 

Prevent Falling out of Bed During the Night

Some children roll around a lot during the night and may often fall out of bed. Modern Mom gives some helpful tips on how to help your little one stay in bed. Some ideas are installing side rails, using pillows on the floor or putting the mattress on the floor.

As an alternative to these ideas, consider using a Pouch that is wrapped around the mattress. A Huggaroo creates a snug cocoon and prevents your child from rolling too far and falling out of bed in the middle of the night. No need for a floor of pillows or installing bumpers on the edges.

How Do Weighted Blankets and Compression Sheets Work?

Weighted blankets, massage therapy and compression sheets help people relax with a process called deep pressure stimulation (also called deep pressure therapy). A Research Study found that Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) triggers the release of "feel good" hormones and has a positive effect on behavior and mood. Researchers also found that cortisol, a stress hormone, decreased by 31% in the participants who received DPT. 

Dr Temple Grandin craved deep pressure during her childhood and has been diagnosed with autism. She is a pioneer in the field of DPT and as an adult, she built a "Hug Machine" to help calm her anxiety. The Huggaroo Pouch sensory compression bedsheet provides deep pressure therapy to soothe and relax. This sensory bedsheet feels like a hug all night.

Families of children with OCD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder have long known the benefits of weighted blankets to solve problems sleeping and help their kids unwind and sleep better. Now, more and more people are learning about these benefits. But there are a few problems with weighted blankets. They are heavy, hot and sometimes cause children to feel claustrophobic.

A Huggaroo Pouch is a terrific weighted blanket alternative

For children who get too hot during the night, this thin sheet gives them the same benefits of a weighted blanket without the extra heat. It stretches and squeezes in all of the right places. The Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Bedsheet is cool and silky to the touch, provides stress relief and helps solve trouble sleeping. If you've tried a weighted blanket and your child complains that it is too hot or he kicks it off during the night, consider a Huggaroo Pouch as a helpful alternative to a weighted blanket.