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This was a really good buy. It is so comforting and feels so snuggly

Huggaroo Original
Alayne (Holgate, US)
It works!

Works well for tired achy shoulders at the end of a long day.
I have also laid it across my legs for relief of muscle aches - works well.
It stays warm for a nice time, easy to reheat in microwave.
Wish it was a bit larger so could actually wrap around the neck instead of just laying on the shoulders, but no regrets in buying it.

Christmas Presents

I purchased two Sherpa Blankets for my wife and daughter and they are both very impressed with the quality.

Huggaroo Embrace
Stephanie Schultheis (Marietta, US)
Love it!

Gave everyone in the family one for Christmas! They love them!!!

Lavender neck wrap

Brought for my mum for Xmas she loves it and keeps her warm
I have brought one for myself as I play a lot of golf and will relax the aches and pains would highly recommend

Huggaroo Original
Swimmer69 (Cementon, US)
Love it

It is warm and relaxing and smells great too. Covers the area I need it to.

Amazing treat!

One of the best thing I bought. After work and my shower, the first thing is heating for 4minutes and relaxing 😌

Huggaroo Embrace
karen taylor (Norton, US)

Great for sore shoulders

Huggaroo Sherpa Blanket | Healing Thoughts in Grey
Anne Piper (Henley on Thames, GB)

Lovely blankets i have bought three of them all as lovely xmas for my grand daughter and another for my grandson then decided i liked them so much i got one for myself the words of comfort just the thing when you are away at university and down with a bad cold. Extra warmth and words of comfort are just the thing. A Piper

Huggaroo Embrace
Leslie Garrow (Walnut Creek, US)

I’d be happy to review it if I had received it-still waiting and the tracker gives no info on when to expect it

Huggaroo Original
Beth Blagg (Salem, US)


Huggaroo Comfort
Karen Passero (Parsippany, US)

Love both my huggaroo. We use them every day

Huggaroo Comfort
Linda S. (Bellevue, US)
High Quality Products!

I’ve purchased Huggaroo products for almost everyone in my family from the oldest to the youngest. The quality is amazing. They’ve never been disappointed! Thank you Huggaroo!

Sherpa inspirational blanket

Absolutely the perfect gift for someone going through a medical crisis. It let my friend know we were thinking of her and sending these inspirational messages that are written on the blanket.

Huggaroo Embrace
Karl Groves (Schenectady, US)

My wife loves it. Best one she has tried so far.

Huggaroo Embrace
Monique Pavao (North Dartmouth, US)
Love it

This is our second one! Need I say more!

Huggaroo Original
Larry Stringfield (Eaton, US)
Highly Recommend

My huggaroo arrived as promised. Absolutely enjoy the warm moist heat across my shoulders and neck area.

Huggaroo Embrace
Celia Davis (Astoria, US)
Great product

This is so well designed and well made, I am really impressed. And, most importantly, it definitely helps to relieve tension and pain. Well done, Huggaroo!

Huggaroo Original
Anonymous (Alexandria, US)
Could not live without

I have a list of purchases that I’ve made over the years of items that have changed my life. The huggaroo is at the top of the list! I purchased a neck and shoulder huggaroo. It’s lovely when heated in the microwave.

Heat pad

I use the pad to relieve soreness in my hip joint and it has been a real comfort and smells amazing!

Huggaroo Original
Anita Gembreska (Albuquerque, US)
Huggable warmth

The weight and warmth are comforting. Relaxing shoulder and neck muscles to ease any pain or stress. Love it!!

Huggaroo Embrace
Mary Klostermann
Shoulder heat/cold pad

This pad is wonderful! It heats up nicely in the microwave just like it claims. Heat lasts a long time. Good for relaxing aching muscles.

Huggaroo Embrace
J.L. (Portland, US)
Migraines and Fibromyalgia

I love this Product!! It really helps my migraines when they get back in my neck and back! Also helps my fibromyalgia too! I use this Huggaroo everyday and helps so much , glad to find it!!

Out like a lamb

My son is on the go non-stop from Sun-up to sun-down. This guy helps him settle immediately and hopefully gives him the extra comfort for a restful nights sleep.

Huggaroo Cozy
Patricia Susan Padilla (Chapel Hill, US)
Neck pain Saver

Well made and simple to heat and wear.