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Nice wrap

A little heavy but the heat is great. Good coverage on neck and shoulders.

Just what I needed

I love this wrap. I scented and not only heats your shoulders but reminds you not to hunch!!

Great item

Heavy, well made, works great. Encompasses your neck and shoulders. Calming and soothing. Stays warm a long time.

Five Stars

This mask is fantastic. I love that it has a little bit of weight to it, and I like the versatility as it can be heated and cooled. My daughter likes to use it cooled when she feels a headache coming on, and I use it heated as I have very dry eyes, and my eye doctor wants me to apply heat to them everyday. I also remove the insert and sleep with it when I'm traveling and can't get the room dark enough. I need it nearly pitch black to sleep, and this does the job! I will be buying more to give as gifts!

Great Gift

I gifted this blanket to a chemo patient. It’s lovely, classy and great quality. The messages on the blanket are perfect!

Love it

This is great! I love how it stays warm for a long time and it sits nicely on my shoulders. I want to get another to keep at work!

Warm shoulder and neck relief

I use it several times a day to soothe stiff neck and shoulders. I am well pleased!

Neck and shoulder relief

I am happy with my Huggaroo....while I have neck issues, I am also suffering from rotator cuff tears, and this works well for both.

Love our weighted blanket ! My grandson is 6yr.. I got a big smile when I gave him his blue blanket . Thanks for making another little boy happy

Love it!

My daughter has trouble with staying asleep at night. She wakes up usually anytime from 12:00am to 5:00am. Since she started using her Huggaroo she sleeps all night till about 6:00am. I love it! She always ask throughout the day if she can go lay in her bed.

Love it!

The heat pack really helps with headaches, and the cold helps with eye puffiness and eye strain. I clench my teeth and the heat helps relieve that pain also. The silky pouch the inserts go into helps regulate the heat/cold, and silk is good for your skin.

Soothing Wonderful Product

Great for any body part that’s aching. A great size .

Exactly what I needed!

I have been fighting tension headaches for months, caused by knots and pressure points in my trapezius muscles in my neck and shoulders. I'm seeing a massage therapist but in order to work on the pressure points at home I needed a hot compress to help loosen the muscles. I tried a heating pad, but needed something to weigh it down and nothing seemed to work well enough. I have a Huggaroo eye mask so I thought I'd check to see if they had shoulder wraps as well. This one is PERFECT! You can heat it up or put it in the freezer (the cold helps inflammation post massage as well) and it's weighted! I can just toss it over my shoulders and feel the heat in seconds. Also, I was worried the aroma would be too strong but it isn't, it's rather subtle. It's soft, fits well, and gets the job done.

This lasts for hours!

This wrap arrived and we couldn’t believe the quality. It’s heavy and has excellent stitching to equally disperse the beads inside. It’s comfortable and we really like it.

Feels Good

I haven't had a chance to heat or cool yet however have it on all day while I work. It feels so good!

Love it! Soft and warm

Great for shoulders and neck. Also can drape over front and back of shoulder. Very helpful.

Great product!

I love my weighted blanket. It's super soft and perfect weight. Love that it has a removable cover for summer nights. Really helps RLS and days where I'm super achy.

Can’t say enough

I can’t say enough about the service I received. I had order two items for a Christmas present for my wife. I had received an email wanting me to do this review although I still hadn’t received my packages. I sent an email explaining my situation and to my astonishment I received an email that night. Although they had acknowledgment that the packages were delivered Kate did not make excuses or try to give me a runaround as I think we all have experienced with some customer service people. She apologized and figured someone may have helped themselves to my packages. She immediately reissued a new order and again to my astonishment my packages arrived at my door today 2 days later!!!! Kate should train others on customer service!!!! The product is great and I would recommend it to others but their customer service is OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you Kate for your understanding and your quick resolve to my situation.


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Grandpa

We have this to our Grandpa for Christmas and he seemed very excited. He thinks it will be relaxing and help any sore neck/back issues going on.

Wonderful and popular!

I got this as a gift for my father. Two other people in my family also gifted someone a Huggaroo because they loved them so much. It’s comfy cozy to wear.

daughters migraines

My daughter has migraines regularly still at 24 years old. She has told this helps a lot !

For the whole family

Got one to my wife, one for my sister in law, one for my step mom, one to each of my three girls... Everybody loves it!!!
Great product.