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Back Wrap

A very comfortable back wrap. Easy to use and quick to heat up. Just what I needed for my back.

Really need

It really helps with the pain soothes the area and even keeps the warms after you heat it or just with your body heat warms it a little need it so bad

It was a gift....

For a very dear friend going through a very tough time....she loved it____quality and delivery spot on....

Love this heat pack

So cozy and helps my sore shoulders. Heats up well and stays warm for about 15 min. I don’t mind popping it back in the microwave to heat up again if I have a lot of tension. The best!

Like a big hug

Loved the feeling of the warmth around my shoulders and neck.

Had to have

Suffer severe migraines and something I found can sleep in some you can’t so it’s a nice warm comfort healing while you sleep I can only say takes away a bit if my pain as I had head injury so most things don’t work but this a a god send

Love this wrap!

There are several things I love about this wrap. It is super easy to use, heats up fast. The fabric and quality of the wrap is really nice. The weight feels comforting and lays nicely around my shoulders/back of neck. It feels amazing!

Nice product!

Fast shipping and was surprised with such a nice product! It is so easy to put on a plate and warm in the microwave. Then to sit back and relax with the warmth and weight of the wrap relaxing the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. Normally I get the heating pad out but hate the cords. This was almost effortless.

A good night's sleep

The best money I've spent this year. Very versatile too.


Had two back surgeries in the lumbar region of my back. The first was due to compression of two vertebrae. The pain was sudden and severe, but was able to walk away from the surgical area and had instant relief. A year later a different problem in two lumbar vertebrae, again unbearable pain and urgent surgery. This time I didn't walk from the OR, had a hospital stay followed by two weeks in a rehab hospital. The pain was somewhat reduced, but every time I've walked, with every step there's still been much pain, for over a year. Not only chronic pain, but balance problems and falls. My physical therapist recently suggested a heating pad might help. She was right, Even after the first use, the Huggaboo heating pad lessened the pain significantly. Now it's become part of my daily routine. The other day walked to do some shopping, and realised that I'd walked without pain, the first time in over a year. I can once again enjoy the simple pleasure of walking. Thank you Huggaroo.

Great item

Great gift

We gave this to our daughter and she loves it. She loves the scent and weight. She'll be taking it to work.

I love this

I had tried one of these years ago, and wish I hadn't waited so long to buy mine. It gives such comfort to my neck and shoulders, and it couldn't be easier to heat up. I worried the lavender scent would be too strong but it's very subtle. Am doing a lot more computer work lately and this is helping me get through the week.

Great product for pain relief

Effective and easy to use, this is a huge blessing to my wife for relief from a past neck injury.

Huggaroo is fantastic! Buy one, and you won't go wrong! And great people to deal


This works as it was stated.

Just what I needed

The back wrap is exactly what I needed. I actually use it as a crossbody wrap to get my shoulder and upper back. The Velcro strap let’s me fasten the pad around me nice and secure. The pad stays nice and warm and gives me the relief I need.


While awaiting surgery for a shoulder injury my huggaroo is such a comfort. As I can wear it I can still be active around the house and it stays in place. Worth every penny!


Exactly what I wanted. Quite heavy but I like that as it reminds me to relax my shoulders.

Nice wrap

A little heavy but the heat is great. Good coverage on neck and shoulders.

Just what I needed

I love this wrap. I scented and not only heats your shoulders but reminds you not to hunch!!

Perfect gift

Family member going through cancer treatment was delighted with this blanket. Delivery was quick and very satisfied with quality. Would definitely recommend.

Great item

Heavy, well made, works great. Encompasses your neck and shoulders. Calming and soothing. Stays warm a long time.

Five Stars

This mask is fantastic. I love that it has a little bit of weight to it, and I like the versatility as it can be heated and cooled. My daughter likes to use it cooled when she feels a headache coming on, and I use it heated as I have very dry eyes, and my eye doctor wants me to apply heat to them everyday. I also remove the insert and sleep with it when I'm traveling and can't get the room dark enough. I need it nearly pitch black to sleep, and this does the job! I will be buying more to give as gifts!

Great Gift

I gifted this blanket to a chemo patient. It’s lovely, classy and great quality. The messages on the blanket are perfect!